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Meditating Person






Sometimes in order to trigger ASMR an individual must spend great time seeking out a video personalised to their exact needs. With custom content, the search is over, with a video or audio that can be tailored to your needs.

Strictly no nsfw content, included but not limited to, sexual, sensual, or girlfriend content. 



As standard to keep things simple, you can choose to order up to 15 mins audio & up to 30 mins audio, and up to 15 mins video and up to 30 mins video.

Custom content will be completed as soon as possible, but as a general rule please allow up to 14 working days.

If your video or audio requires a specific item or request that has to be ordered, this will be added to the cost and time.



Whilst I would love to offer these for free, due to time taken filming & editing, this is a bespoke paid service. Simply email with the video or audio you would like to order. You can give as much or as little information as possible.

These emails are monitored by other

members of the Creative Calm team. Please note any spam emails will be blocked.


Prices start at £500 GBP, prices are set in tiers and are the same for everyone (unless extra props or work is required)


For any bespoke products like this, refunds are not available. If you decide you would like to increase your length of content, or would like to make minor changes to the idea, please contact within 24 hours after ordering.

Payment is to be made via Patreon

Please note when paying via Patreon their is now a sales tax which varies per country. This can up to 10% onto payments, this is out of my control sadly. Payment can also be accepted via Payoneer directly. 

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