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"Your content helps me cope with my PTSD - thank you"

- Harrison, Manchester

"I watch your channel instead of Netflix now"

- Carly, London

"Get this girl an Oscar! Acting skills on point!!"

- Nick, New York

ASMR otherwise known as autonomous sensory meridian response, is the term used to describe a tingly sensation which typically starts from the head/neck, and puts you in to a deep sense of relaxation. This 'ASMR' feeling can be stimulated through pure 'triggers' e.g tapping, or by a roleplay, in which a real life or fantasy situation is replicated. 

Creative Calm ASMR Stats as of 2024:

375,000+ YouTube Subscribers

100+ Million Video Views​

With over 375,000 YouTube subscribers and over 100+ million views, Creative Calm ASMR takes the wonderful roleplay route with most of her videos. Indulging the viewer in a whole new world, with the soul aim of taking them out of their everyday worries, and in to a deep state of calm. She is also available for work outside of YouTube with regards to voice overs, TV, radio & presenting.


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